Trustmary – Survey Tool for Marketers

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A common mistake many people make in trying to find or create the perfect image is not taking into account the significance of faces within the image. It gives your brand a face and helps build its image. No matter if the individual is a famous figure or not, they will be a great addition […]

Highrise Newsletter – Newsletter

What I Like About This Ad: Attention-Grabbing Hook: One thing that was great about this ad was the hook and how well it grabbed your attention. Arguably one of the most important parts of an ad, this hook checks off all the boxes. This hook was attention-grabbing, not too complex, and very compelling, all of […]

GrooveApps – Lead Magnet

What I Like About This Ad Although, Groove Apps has nothing to do with us. We feel like their team and our team is on the same page when it comes to advertising. This is yet another one of their brilliant ads that has an excellent blend of ad copy, offer and creative altogether. Ad […]