Ads Management

For small to medium sized businesses

Fixed-price, done-for-you ads management by a team of expert marketers focused on driving positive ROI.


Who do you want running your ads?

Don’t trust your business to a single freelancer. Get the same team of advertisers, copywriters & marketers that run ads for big name brands and influencers. 
Our team of 20+ experts are the same individuals behind 99 Robots. We’ve developed this unique service offering for small to medium sized businesses who want to build their paid acquisition channel without breaking the bank.

PPC & Social Ads Management Services

Ad Angles offers paid campaign management across several ad platforms to generate leads, sales, traffic, or brand awareness. We start by selecting the appropriate ads platform for your business or offering and expand to additional platforms after demonstrating results.



Reach high-value targeted audiences and convert them into leads, clients and customers.



Higher engagement rate than other social combined with great audience targeting.


Google Ads

Most popular intent-based audience who are actively looking for your product or service



Second most popular search engine that combines intent with social engagement


Amazon Ads

Connect with consumers who are connected to eCommerce that are ready to buy


Bing Ads

Lower volume Intent-based audiences, at a lower cost than Google



B2B focused ads available for the products and services that operate inside that market



Target active audiences that are engaging with your brand

What's Included

Don't sacrifice quality and expertise simply because you have a lower ad spend budget. There's no need for multiple vendors, agencies, or freelancers. Ad Angles provides a comprehensive service that includes all of the following:
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Ad Strategy / Deep Research


Ad Campaign Management

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Custom Ad Copy & Image Ads

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Ongoing Ad Optimization


Real-Time Performance Reporting


Weekly Updates from the Team

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Fixed Price Without Spending Limits


No Long-Term Contracts

Full Transparency - What's Not Included?

WAIT!  How do we offer ALL of the above with such LOW fixed-price plans?

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients throughout the past decade and learned a few things.  Here’s how we’re able to offer you such low rates yet superior quality compared to other agencies:

We’ve refined our operations and processes over a decade. That allows us to bring you a more economical option for the highest-quality ads management.

For larger clients, our team extends itself into custom projects and items beyond the scope of just ads management. At Ad Angles, we’ve made such items a’ la carte allowing us to lower costs for you.

We spend over 20+ hours per month with larger brands simply on calls or meetings. At Ad Angles, we’ve adopted communication via email or chat to reduce your costs, and implemented an efficient centralized inbox and schedule. However, this doesn’t mean we won’t hop on Zoom if & when it’s necessary.

Offering a low-cost option for such elite level ads management means we have to eliminate time-consuming and costly video production. These are not included in our plans but can be purchased a la carte if required.

Each account is assigned both a dedicated account manager and an advertising lead. These 2 folks are responsible for the success of your campaigns and work diligently with the rest of our team members to ensure a positive ROI.

We will provide you with an account where you can access a dashboard where you can check the performance of the campaigns that we are running for you, allowing you to get the information you need without the need to make a request or a formal report.


We use a process driven approach to achieve the best possible ROI.

1. Research and Strategy

We want the best for you. In order to achieve this, our team will send you a detailed questionnaire and set up an initial on-boarding call to gather all of the information that we need to succeed.  We will also perform some deep research into your company, competitors, and find the most valuable customers.  All of this information will feed into the creation of an ad strategy by our expert team that will sell your brand and offering the best.


2. Test

Once we have your ideal customer profile identified and ad strategy complete, we will run an initial round of ads using a formal testing structure to find the best audience, offer, and creatives while maximizing ROI.

3. Learn

Once we have received some data from our initial ads, we will perform regular optimizations to your campaigns that take into account the lessons that we have learned from previous ad results and testing.


4. Scale

Once we have optimized your ads to find the best performing strategies, we will work to scale up your ads, using data-driven budgeting and smart channel expansion.


What Makes Us Different?

There’s a million other agencies and freelancers vying for your business.  So why choose us?


Managed By Advertisers

Your ad campaigns are created by advertising experts who have many years of experience managing accounts across various industries. Every advertiser on our team has completed certifications on their respective platforms AND advanced training offered by leading trainers.


Million Dollars per Month

Our agency manages well over $1,000,000 dollars per month. That level of ad spend under management, knowledge, and industry experience gives us an unique advantage to scale your campaigns.


Amazing Ad Copy & Creatives

The same team that produces thousands of ads every year will write compelling ad copy written to convert leads to sales and custom designed creatives that help you stand out from the crowd.


Singular Focus on Advertising

We don’t do everything at Ad Angles. In fact, the entire company is focused solely on advertising – writing compelling ad copy, creating amazing ad creatives, and managing profitable ad campaigns. Look around… we live and breathe this stuff! Try finding any other company that can visually prove this! 


Affordability and Transparency

Many competitors require large retainers or charge fees based on a percent of ad spend for similar quality work. We believe small businesses need to know their costs upfront so that they can budget accordingly. That’s why we’ve built a culture of full transparency on pricing and results.


Fine-Tuned Process

After almost a decade, we’ve perfected our internal processes to deliver results. Whether you’re a local business, service provider, SaaS company, or e-commerce brand, we’ve worked with similar clients before. Leverage our past performance and knowledge to help your business succeed. 


USA-based With Global Team

Our agency is based in NJ with some members here in the USA. Our entire team operates on a 9am – 5pm ET (Eastern Time) schedule regardless of their location. This ensures our team is always in sync and available to answer questions throughout the work day.


Team Depth & Knowledge

We’re supported by the same team that operates 99 Robots, a leading advertising agency, that caters to big name brands and influencers and operates 5 SaaS companies and 3 other marketing agencies.


In Your Shoes

We’re business owners (like you) who have scaled using advertising as a growth channel! We know that positive ROI is what helps you (and us) sleep better. For a list of our other companies, just ask us.


The best VIDEO ADS and EXPLAINER VIDEOS by conversion-focused marketers. And crazy affordable! FTW!

We’re bonkers! Look at these amazing video ads and explainer videos. Brilliant, heh? What the heck are you waiting for? You need a video. We create videos that people talk about. At these prices, order now before we change our mind and increase our prices to 1 million dollars 🙂

Ads for Every Platform

Our advertising team has deep experience creating optimized ads across a multitude of ad networks that get your product or service sold. Whether you’re advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or your website, we’ll produce compelling ad campaigns that convert. Check out the examples in this section.


Ads Management Plans

90 Degree

Right Angle Plan + 1-time Setup Fee: $500
$ 799 /month
  • Up to $5,000 in Ad Spend
  • 1 Ad Network (Your Choice)*
  • Proactive Campaign Management
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Onboarding Call w/ No Monthly Calls

180 Degree

Straight Angle Plan + 1-time Setup Fee: $500
$ 1699 /month
  • Up to $12,000 in Ad Spend
  • 1 Ad Network (Your Choice)*
  • Proactive Campaign Management
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • 1 Onboarding Call w/ No Monthly Calls

360 Degree

Full Circle Plan + 1-time Setup Fee: $500
$ 3799 /month
  • No limits on Ad Spend
  • 1 Ad Network (Your Choice)*
  • Proactive Campaign Management
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • 1 Onboarding Call w/ No Monthly Calls
  • FB Messenger bot campaigns**


*Each additional Ad Network after the first will incur a $500 per month fee.

** FB Messenger Bot Fees are the responsibility of the Client.



I tried several freelancers and they all disappointed. Ad Angles has been the only team that has been able to get my product and target audience.

If you’re not using Ad Angles, you’re wasting way too much time and money with other agencies that are charging you crazy rates for half the quality.

I tried several services out there, but Ad Angles
has been the only real service that gets results.
These guys know how to advertise!



What services do you provide?

Our scope of work includes campaign planning, keyword research, keyword planning, design of ad creatives, ad copy writing, ad group categorization, campaign setup, campaign optimization, and setup of conversion tracking.

What Is The Turnaround Time?

The time taken depends on the type of campaigns that we are running:

  • Social Ad Campaigns typically take up to 5 business days to set up*
  • Search Campaigns typically take up to 14 business days*

*Time does not include delays related to client approvals and time taken for revisions.

How Do I Submit My Brand Information?

The process is simple. Fill out a brand questionnaire that includes your goals and information about your brand and we’ll take care of your project.

Is there a minimum contract term?

There is not a minimum term!  You may cancel your subscription at any point.

Is there a setup fee?

Yes, there is a one-time investment of $250 PER PLATFORM to cover the extra work required to get everything configured, organized, and launched.

What does your scope of work not include?

Our scope of work does not include:

  • Landing page creation
  • Social media posts
  • Video Ads (extra fees may apply)
  • Animated Graphics
  • Ad Moderation
What if none of the ads are working for my brand?

When ads aren’t converting, we may recommend several alternatives, including trying additional ad channels or networks as well as trying entirely new styles of ad creatives and copy to find potential winners.

Can I Speak With Someone Before I Order?

Of course! Click here, ask your questions, and get prompt answers



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