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AdAngles creates conversion-focused ad copy and creatives for your ads with our team of expert marketers.

Video Ads

Professionally designed and conversion focused videos from start to finish.

Ad Copy

Get targeted ad copy written by expert marketers for nearly any type of ad that simply sells.

Ad Images

Custom Designed High Quality Ad Images that will convert your audience.

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Ad Copy

Get targeted ad copy written by expert marketers for nearly any type of ad that simply sells.

Video Ads

Professionally designed and conversion focused videos from start to finish.

Ad Images

Custom designed high quality ad images that will convert your audience.


Did We Mention We Guarantee Satisfaction?

If we do not deliver a compelling video, ad image, or ad copy as promised, or you’re simply not happy with the service, just give us feedback and we’ll revise it until your smile stretches from ear-to-ear.

Ad Issues and How We Can Help

Having problems with your Ad Campaigns?

Not Enough Clicks

If your CTR is lower than 6%, there's a problem with either the audience or your creative. If you're not getting enough clicks on your ads, animation is definitely your solution.

Low Conversion Rate

If you don’t convert clicks into sales, advertising is pointless. But how do you spark interest and ignite action? A clear and appealing ad is the first thing you need to try.

Your Ads are Expensive

Facebook ads cost typically more than you expect. But you can easily decrease the cost. The more people who engage with your ad, the less it costs. All you need is to grab attention.

Low Relevance Score

A low relevance score means that Facebook won’t show your ad to the best audience because it "thinks" they won’t be interested in your offer. Using a more engaging ad will solve this.

How Our Videos are the Secret Weapon for Profitable Ad Campaigns

Increase CTR

Thousands of advertisers have proven that animation attracts 5.5x more clicks than a still image.

Lower Cost-Per-Click

Facebook's algorithm lower the cost of each click if you have a high CTR. The rule of thumb — the higher the CTR, the lower the cost.

Get More Shares

When you use animation, there's an 8x higher chance that your audience will notice your ad, understand it, and share it or tag a friend who may be interested in it.

How Much Money and Time Will You Save With Ad Angles?

SAVE $800/mo *

  • 5 hrs
  • 10 hrs
  • 20 hrs
  • 40 hrs
*Industry Avg Hourly Rate: $80/hr (advertiser)

How many hours do you spend per month crafting video content, drafting scripts or storyboards, or crafting clever ideas to target audience?

How much more money could you be making or saving if your advertising campaigns performed better? Calculate the savings and you’d be nuts to click away from this page.

Custom Requests

Click below to get in touch about your custom video needs.

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What Is The Turnaround Time?

The entire process typically takes approximately 7 days from the time you complete the order and submit your project brief.

Are bundles or monthly subscriptions right for me?

You can always purchase one of our bundles and once you’ve completed all of the items in that bundle, you can continue to purchase new bundles when you need more work. If you need a consistent amount of ad creatives created each month, one of our monthly subscriptions may make the most sense. We’ll work with you to generate the right creatives each month for your brand or agency.

How Do I Submit My Requirements?

The process is simple. Fill out a short ad copy questionnaire, and we’ll take care of your project. It takes only 5 – 10 minutes

What Do I Get?

You’ll receive a zip file with X number of ad copy including headline variations for each copy ready for you to copy/paste into Facebook Business Manager. Seriously, we strive to make your job so EASY so that you’ll say nice things about us when we’re not around!

What If My Ads Still Don't Work?

The problem might be your landing page, product, offer, ad creative, etc. No worries though! Once you complete at least 1 order with us, you’ll have unlimited support from our team. You can ask any question you want and we’ll point you in the right direction. 🙂 We love talking about ads and angles!

Do I Really Need This?

If creating a persuasive video ad sounds intimidating or time-consuming, then YES. You need Ad Angles.

What Is The Final Deliverable?

We’ll send you a professionally created video file.

Can I Speak With Someone Before I Order?

Of course! Click here, ask your questions, and get prompt answers



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