How to Download a Video from Facebook

You’re scrolling through Facebook and you see a great video. You’d like to keep a copy of it. You ask yourself, “How do I download a video from Facebook?”

We are going to look at a few different ways to save Facebook videos.

Why Save Videos (Especially Ads)?

Stunning videos are what make your presence on Facebook from good to great.

Whether you’re an eCommerce brand, a restaurant, an online coach, public figure or you’re just a community page, you need videos on your Facebook page. 

The question however is, how do you create these eye-catching videos that would first stop your audience from scrolling through, get its message across and also generate your brand maximum views, reach, and reactions?! 

Well, I would start with “spying” on the competition and analyzing what’s working for them – the type of content, length, music, the background of the videos, etc.

Building a library of competitor best of videos is great for inspiration. You can also send the best ones to your video editor to create similar types of videos for your brand.

So if you’re a Facebook marketer, a brand, or just want to learn how to download videos from Facebook, read through the number of ways discussed below and start saving those videos from Facebook! 😉 

Download Videos from Facebook Ads Library 

This method is pretty simple and straightforward and here are the steps: 

  1. Go to Page transparency >> Ad Library section of any page.
  1. Right-click on any video ad that you want to download and select “Save video as…”.
  1. Save the video in the desired location. 

Voila! You just saved the video to your desktop! 

Using is an online tool (also available as a Chrome extension) to help you quickly download videos from Facebook. The only limitation here is that this tool can be used to download videos that are set as “Public” only. So you still can’t download videos set as “Private”. 

Here’s how you can quickly use this tool to download videos: 

  1. Click on a public video and view it in the videos section (so that Facebook generates a specific URL of that video post).
  1. Copy and paste that URL to and click download.
  1. Download the video in the desired quality. 

Using Chrome Extension “Download Facebook Videos” 

Download Facebook Videos is a handy Chrome extension when it comes to quickly 

Browsing through your feed and downloading the best video content out there. It’s easy to use and works similar to but gives you a quicker option to download “Public” videos from Facebook.

Once you have this downloaded, here’s how you can use this free extension: 

  1. Play any “Public” video on your Facebook feed.
  1. Click on the extension icon on Chrome.
  1. Select the quality of the video and download it to your desktop! 

Using the “mbasic” Facebook Version 

This method comes handy when none of the above work. Basically an old school hack that works every time! 

Here are the steps: 

  1. Play a “Public” Facebook video and click it so you can see it’s unique URL.
  1. Change the “www” in the video URL  to “mbasic” and hit enter.

    This is how Facebook will appear to you: 
  1. Click on the video and you will be able to download it using “Save video as…” from a new window.

We hope the methods shown are able to help you build a library of great videos to help inspire you to make even better videos.

If you found a great video and wish to create a similar one for your business. Please visit our Ad Angles video ads creation service page.

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  1. Hey I created a tool to save videos from the Facebook ads library. Its called swipekit.

    If you’ve been using the ad library, you will know that the links to the ads you save from the library are unreliable. So we made a tool to save the ad, including the video, cta and other metadata so even if the ad goes down, it is still saved in your library.

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