Lisa Nichols – Retargeting

What I Like About This Ad  Ad Copy Text: As soon as we read the ad copy text, we know that this is a retargeting ad giving a second chance to audiences that missed the webinar. We think that the text does justice with the target audience and clarifies what the webinar is all about. Further, […]

Denise Duffield-Thomas – The Formula I Used To Make 6M+

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy Text:  The ad copy here is short and sweet. It begins by asking a question about an issue many would struggle with. This hooks the reader in. overall, brilliant ad text. I loved how it starts with a question and engages with viewers’ interest to know personal […]

Dataiku – Model Maintenance in Times of Crisis

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: The ad copy subscribes to the idea that simple is always better and does everything in a very straightforward manner. No fancy gimmicks and callouts here, but just a simple copy which mentions what the ad is about, who it’s for and how the person reading the […]

Datadog – Profile Your Code in Production

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: The ad copy is a no frills and no fluff affair with a straight mention of what the webinar is going to cover. Provided that it is targeted to the right audience that is looking for this to improve their day-to-day operations, the simplicity of this callout […]

Anik Singhal – Webinar – Lead Gen

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: How exciting is the opening text? We say it’s 100%! The ad copy starts off with a question that has the potential to provoke the relevant audience into reading further out of thrill and curiosity. The second question fills up the readers’ mind with a bunch of […] – Contact Center

What I Like About This Ad Ad Creative: The ad creative does a great job of giving the audience all the relevant information they need. The webinar date is displayed clearly and the topic of the webinar is also clearly front and center for the audience to read and the icing on the cake is […]

ActiveCampaign – Lead Magnet – Webinar Recording

What I Like About This Ad From start to finish, this ad has been amazing. The reason why we specifically chose this ad is because of the podcast angle used within it.  Ad Copy Text: The ad copy is detailed and offers ‘FREE’ value. Which is something that any reader would hook on to. The copy […]