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We are currently experiencing one of the biggest ECONOMIC DISRUPTIONS that any of us will ever see in our lifetime.  Church, School, Work, Education… they have all been disrupted – forced to change, adapt, and go digital.  Just like any major disruption most of these changes will become the “new normal” and very few industries will revert right back to the old way of doing business.  Those who do will slowly fade into irrelevancy due to the inability or unwillingness (let’s be honest mostly unwillingness) to adapt to this “new normal.”

In the 1920’s ice companies were in increasingly high demand until the invention of Freon (and later the evolution of the refrigerator/freezer as we know them today) disrupted the market.  Seeing the wave of disruption that Freon had created, and not wanting to be crushed by it, the Southland Ice Company started to sell convenience items (milk, cheese, eggs) in front of their existing ice stores.  They changed their hours to be open from 7am to 11pm and the idea of the “convenience store” was born.  The Southland Ice Company, more commonly known as 7-Eleven today, adapted to this DISRUPTION and came out stronger than before while many of it’s competitors got crushed by the wave.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a wave of disruption forcing many industries to go digital or go out of business.  The digital education industry was expected to eclipse $423 Billion by 2023 BEFORE the pandemic forced everyone to stay home.  Those numbers will undoubtedly grow exponentially as the “new normal” sets in.

As more and more people look to online education, the demand for online courses is rapidly growing.

The PROBLEM is that very few people know:

– How to know if your course idea is any good.

– How to create/structure a curriculum

– How to shoot and edit professional video

– What softwares to use to host courses

– How to brand/market a course effectively

– How to run social media ads to drive traffic

– How to turn profitable ROIs selling courses

That’s why we’ve created this free 1-hour training teaching our 10 Secrets to Creating, Marketing, and Selling online courses.  We’ve helped thousands of course creators launch or scale profitable courses and are excited to share with the world our principles of success.

Whether you have skills or knowledge in cooking, graphic design, coding, photography, etc, we’d love to help you get your knowledge out to the world and ride this wave of digital opportunity while it lasts.

Click the link below watch and begin watching our  free 1-hour training NOW!

See you in there!

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