I liked how testimonials were used with the ad copy. The use of good testimonials not only builds up credibility but enhances a brand’s trust as well. The color scheme and simplicity of the video ad were highlights for me. A real eye-catching visual, with the light colors they used. You can’t go wrong with […]

HeroPost – Social Media Management Tool

What I Like About This Ad Humor: One thing that really stood out for me was the funny ad creative that was used in this ad. It genuinely made me chuckle, which is no easy task! It stands out in itself by the use of humorous touch on the creative. Strong Headline: Something great about […]

Jasmine Star – Public Figure


What I Like About This Ad Jasmine Star is a well known social media coach. Her ads and copies reflect that pretty well. We like this ad because it’s shot in a natural and upbeat environment where the advertiser is directly engaging the audience. Ad Copy Text: The ad angle seems to be targeting people […]