Offeo – Lifetime Deals


I really enjoyed the video they created for this ad. Using Facebook video ads will help you target those areas of the social network that generate significant engagement. This was a great presentation with great graphics! It was also easy to understand without being overly complicated. The ad is terrific because it clearly describes what […]

Toucan – Chrome Extension


What I find to be great about this ad was the simplicity of the image itself. Overly complicated images with lots of noise and distracting themes draw attention away from your product. Creating simple images which include a large proportion of space and draw focus to your product is key. The color scheme and simplicity […]

Sprig – SaaS

Something great about this ad was the headline and how effective it was. First of all, it does a great job demonstrating the goal of the ad right away without having to read through all of the copy. Not to mention it grabs your attention and eases you towards the CTA. All in all, great […]

Fuel A.I. – Ai lead nurturing and scheduling – SaaS

An important characteristic I liked about this ad was the focused value proposition. An appealing ad creative will attract attention; it only takes a few seconds to entice someone to click when you have a catchy ad copy. That is why you want to be extremely clear and concise when outlining your value proposition. One […]

Namogoo – Customer Journey Analysis

fb-ads-namogoo-customer journey analysis

This ad does a great job of showing the goal of the ad right from the start without having to read any of the copy. Additionally, it draws your attention and eases you into the CTA. One of the great aspects of this advertisement is the video they created. When you run video ads on […]

WooCommerce – Plugin

What I Like About This Ad Utilize Customer Pain Points: This ad impressed me with how well they know their market. The company was good at utilizing customer pain points to help them advertise their product. It takes some research to identify these pain points, but once you do, your ad copy will shine. Simplicity […]

Thryv – SaaS – Reviews aggregator


What I Like About This Ad: Engaging Content: The content of this ad was particularly engaging. Check out the likes and comments this ad has! Kudos to _ for this great piece of writing, which is rare to find. Simplicity with images: A great thing about this ad was its simplicity. Complex images with lots […]

Ampifire – SaaS – Content


What I Like About This Ad: Engaging Content: Something I really liked about this ad was how engaging the content actually was. You don’t need to take my word for it, check out all the likes and comments the ad has! Content like this is hard to perfect, meaning it is hard to come by, […]

VideoAsk – Embed Widget

What I Like About This Ad: Attention-Grabbing Hook: What made this ad so great was its hook and how well it grasped your attention. An ad’s hook is one of its most important parts, and this one hits the right note. This hook was attention-grabbing, not too complex, and very compelling, all of which contribute […]