Proposify – SaaS Proposal Software

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: The sales process can be a very finicky and long, clumsy ordeal depending on what kind of clients you’re working with. If you think that getting to an agreement or having your proposals accepted is the finish line, then it’s not. Getting paid is where you would […]

Proposify – Proposal software for SaaS Sales Leaders

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: One of the most important parts of having an efficient sales process is the ability to track the progress of leads at every step. Tracking is something that is invaluable in determining the warmth and the quality of the lead. Not only that but tracking where the […]

Proposify – Cleaning Proposals

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: The ad copy plays on a very real and effective angle that no matter how good your services are. If you are not able to present them in a light that your clients are able to absorb and extract how it can be beneficial for them then […]