Chase Chappell-TikTok Ads Mastery Course-FOMO

The early access limited time offer technique is my favorite part of this ad. The best method to convert customers into a special offer is to offer your customers early discounts, free shipping, or some other deal that makes them feel like they’re getting the most for their money. I like how he clearly summarizes […]

SerpWatch – Lifetime Deal – SEO Tracker

What I Like About This Ad Use active verbs: Ad copy was a particular standout in this advertisement, specifically its use of active verbs. Even though they are subliminal, these strong active verbs have a lot more impact than passive ones. This company uses these verbs well to convey its message and tell its story […]

EmailDrips – Lifetime Deal – High Converting Marketing Copy

What I Like About This Ad Strong Headline: Something great about this ad was the headline and how effective it was. First of all, it does a great job demonstrating the goal of the ad right away without having to read through all of the copy. Not to mention it grabs your attention and eases […]

LeadsGorilla – Lifetime Deal – Local Leads Data

What I Like About This Ad Attention Grabbing Hook: It was interesting how this ad painted a picture in my mind with its copy. You are able to picture exactly what the advertisement promotes due to the effective use of imagery. A well-done marketing campaign helps consumers envision themselves using a product. Utilize the impulse […]