Jake Hare – Entrepreneur

What I Like About This Ad Humor: One thing that really stood out for me was the funny ad creative that was used in this ad. It genuinely made me chuckle, which is no easy task! It stands out in itself by the use of humorous touch on the creative. Appeal to customers’ hopes and […]

Sam Ovens – Entrepreneur


What I Like About This Ad We like this ad because we understand that anyone who sees it on their newsfeed would definitely wait and see this ad. That is because it shows a game most people on Facebook will have a great memory of. Secondly, the ad copy is very well written. Ad Copy […]

Patrick Bet-David – Entrepreneur


What I like About This Ad The Body Text: Personally, I don’t think body text can really get much better than this. Not only is it formatted perfectly in terms of readability, but it also is very motivational. The text is straight to the point and lets the reader know that they mean business. I […]

Kendall SummerHawk – Entrepreneurs


What I like About This Ad Body Copy: In my opinion, I think that this body copy is almost perfect. Though all parts may not be executed perfectly, the copy follows the rules when it comes to writing great copy. The best ads follow a three part system. Beginning with the hook to draw them […]

Amy Porterfield – Podcast


What I Like About This Ad Amy Porterfield is a distinguished business coach and her ads really hit the mark when it comes to advertising as a coach. The reason we like this ad is that in it a podcast is running behind an image and that to us is a unique way to engage […]