Lisa Patrick – Entrepreneur


What I like About This Ad Body Copy: I like this ad copy because I feel as though it is a decent blueprint to work from. The ad is pushing a discussion between the coach and two guests. The first paragraph of this ad grabs the reader’s attention mentioning how much revenue the guests have […]

Terri Levine – Join the Facebook group

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: So this ad to get people to join the coach’s Facebook group. It immediately grabs the readers’ attention with the “Stop being Wal-Mart!”. This is not one of those ads that provide value in the ad but it addresses an issue (in this case pricing yourself too […]

Sage Levine – Business Growth

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: This ad copy packs a lot in just a few sentences. The ad is very specific in stating who it is targeting (Women in business) and lists high value ($1500)  it provides in bonuses that come with the purchase of the book. It has a very positive […]