30 SaaS Companies with Amazing Facebook Ad Libraries

There are a lot of SaaS companies out there yet only some have mastered the advertising craft and have amazing Facebook ad libraries.

We’ve all been there. One moment, we’re scrolling through Facebook, catching up with our news feed, or checking on the activities of the community. The next, our eyes are caught by a simply stunning ad.

There’s something about that ad that forces us to stop and take notice. Maybe it’s the fantastic copy or the incredible imagery. Perhaps there’s a video or a CTA that we just can’t ignore. 

These are the kind of ads that we can learn from. 

Now that Facebook has created its very own Ad Libraries environment, where business owners can scroll through content to their heart’s content, it’s easier than ever to stock up on this advertorial inspiration. 

Today, I’m going to be reviewing some of the best startup SaaS companies that have taken advantage of the Facebook ad format. 

Let’s get started. 

  1. TheraNest

TheraNest is a SaaS startup company designed to deliver Telehealth technology to therapists and psychologists. The company’s latest sponsored ad uses a simple video to demonstrate exactly what you can get from the technology, with virtually no unnecessary clutter. This ad is incredibly compelling, straight to the point, and packed full of value. 

“TheraNest is a practice management and therapy notes software used by thousands in mental health and social services.” 

  1. DataQuest

The DataQuest platform offers easy online learning for individuals that want to discover more about coding. There are countless ways to grow your skills online with this tool. Dataquest’s ad campaigns appeal to the modern digital native, with playful emojis in the ad copy, and straight-to-the-point content. What’s more, the company draws instant attention to an offer in every ad. 

“Get the skills you need to get a job in data science with Dataquest’s online learning platform.” 

  1. Databricks

Databricks is another educational company in the SaaS landscape. It offers easy-to-digest content in the form of webinars and training sessions. What I loved about this ad from Databricks is how human it is. The images of genuine people from the Databricks brand makes it much easier to connect with the company. 

“Databricks helps data teams solve the world’s toughest problems.”

  1. Magaya Software 

The Magaya Software company is a platform for logistics and supply chain automation, designed to make business life easier. What I loved about the ads from this brand is the fact that the company frequently uses questions to engage their audience. The question-based copy pulls the reader in and pushes them to think about the benefits they can get with the software. 

“Magaya is the leading platform in logistics and supply chain automation. #supplychain #logistics #shipping #warehousing #3PL”

  1. Oribi

Oribi is a little-known software company in the analytical environment. The business delivers simple analyst tools to businesses of all shapes and sizes. As a data-driven company, it makes sense that the brand’s ad copy would focus on statistics and facts. Percentages in the content, as well as a direct quote on the ad image, immediately captures audience attention here. 

“Analytics is for analysts – Oribi is for EVERYONE Oribi is dedicated to making it possible for any business of any size to become completely data-driven and help EVERYONE to easily understand their website results and reach their business goals.”

  1. Brave

Brave is a rapidly evolving software company that’s been around for a couple of years now. The company delivers a faster browser to companies that need to get more out of the web. The thing I love about this organization’s ads is its focus on branding. The Brave colors and logo are always evident in every kind of ad – whether it’s a video or an image. 

“It’s your device. It’s your time. So make it your Internet.” 

  1. Frame.io 

The Frame.io brand helps companies to upload all of their essential media into the same cloud-based environment where they can collaborate with their team. The best thing about the Facebook ads from this organization is that they focus on showing you their content in action. You get to see exactly how the service works in a quick and accessible image or video. 

“Upload all your source media, work in progress, and assets into private workspaces where you can invite your team and clients to collaborate.” 

  1. Curio

The Curio brand is committed to sharing incredible news stories with the world through a new audio platform. Press companies can contribute audio media to the brand, which they then share with their dedicated audience. The best thing about Curio’s ads is that it shares stories from real people, and reviews from genuine customers, allowing for incredible amounts of social proof. 

“Hear Great Journalism Listen to exclusive journalism handpicked for you from the finest publications.”

  1. Instaon

Digital marketing company Instaon uses friendly illustrated images and emojis to make its brand more approachable on Facebook. The copy gets straight to the point in these ads, and Instaon ensures that it can reach a wide range of customers by posting different versions of its copy in various languages too. It’s an excellent example of a business tuned in to the needs of their audience. 

“Instaon is a fully automated machine learning platform that creates and optimizes Google Search campaigns for SMB’s.” 

  1. SatisfAid

An Italy-focused SaaS startup, SatisfAid launched in 2017 to work on a mobile app that would allow customers to share their feedback about service received in any business. The company is currently in seeding status. This fantastic Facebook ad highlights the unique nature of the brand with a human touch, by using emojis in the copy and smiling genuine people in the ad photo. 

“Coming Soon. Stay tuned!”

  1. Sanebox

Sanebox is a fantastic software as a service provider that combines all of your email inboxes into one environment. The ads run by this company are always dedicated to highlighting the trustworthy and credible nature of the brand. For instance, the business frequently posts videos with quotes from influential figures, like the co-founder of CrazyEgg. 

“The way email should be.”

  1. Optimizely 

Optimizely is a software company that helps businesses to get the most out of their digital presence. The company is fantastic at helping other brands to personalize and enhance their ad copy. What I like most about the ads from Optimizely is how straight-to-the-point they are. The copy in this ad embraces the concept of “FOMO” (fear of missing out). It reminds users not to miss an upcoming event, while also highlighting that it’s free to attend. 

“The world’s leader in digital experience optimization, enabling experimentation and personalization across websites, mobile apps, and connected devices.”

  1. Optimonk

Optimonk is another SaaS company that’s excellent at allowing its unique personality to shine through in every Facebook ad. The use of real statistics and numbers in the ad copy makes these promotions more believable at the same time, the presence of emojis and videos engages the customer in a friendly and accessible way. I also love the way that Optimonk shares its ads several different platforms to reach a wider audience.

“An empty mind is bliss; an empty checkout page is not! Discover the Zen art of enlightened popups and capture your visitors before they abandon your site!” 

  1. Elastic Email

Elastic Email is an email optimization platform designed to help businesses connect with their customers. Based in Poland, the company focuses heavily on highlighting the benefits available to companies that use the service. For instance, in this ad, you can see that the solution is available to try for free, and with $10 of credit too. The copy in the ad is also specifically designed to attract customer attention, with unique check-mark bullet points included. 

“All the email marketing and delivery tools you need to communicate with your customers.”

  1. Yalla-Free

Yalla-Free is a voice chatroom software designed to help people stay connected. The great thing about this company’s advertisements is how simple and straightforward they are. The Yalla team knows that customers on Facebook don’t have time to read paragraphs of information, so it sticks to using just one or two sentences. The video included with the ad copy tells you everything else that you might need to know. 

  1. Chatbooks 

The Chatbooks app keeps crucial information on your phone safe, including all your most-have pictures and images. To grab the attention of customers, Chatbooks uses real testimonials from authentic customers in its ads. I also love the way that they include branded videos in their content, complete with unique brand colors. 

“Automatic photo books. 60 pages for $10. Free shipping. Get the app ->

  1. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is an online learning platform that offers companies and individuals endless ways to expand their skills. You can enroll in dozens of free online courses with ease. The use of carousel ads on Facebook helps to pull attention to all the amazing things that you can do with this software. What’s more, authentic photography helps the brand to appear more unique and genuine. 

“Connecting people and ideas. The best free online courses in the world.

  1. LoanWallet

LoanWallet is a fantastic online app that makes it easy to track your loans and figure out how to make more effective repayments. Although the company only launched in 2019, it’s already capturing the attention of customers with engaging Facebook ads that include genuine statistics. For instance, the 96.99% success ratio in their ad copy instantly makes the brand more trustworthy.

  1. Likee App 

The Likee app is a video creation platform that allows businesses and individuals alike to create amazing filter-enriched videos online. Launched in 2017, the company is great at highlighting the benefits of its service with things like videos, imagery, and even trending emojis. I love how friendly the copy is for this company. 

“Likee is a global short video creation platform. Click to download Likee: like.onelink.me/FvnB/7c918454”

  1. Productive

Productive is a habit tracker software designed and launched in 2017. The company aims to help people stay productive online by tracking their habits and showing them where they frequently procrastinate. This company also uses carousel ads to highlight precisely what you can accomplish with the tool. I also love the hand-drawn design of the pictures used by Productive too. 

“Productive is a free and easy-to-use tool that helps you build a routine of positive, life-changing habits. Set personal goals, track your progress, and motivate yourself to achieve new heights!”

  1. Sleepzy 

A modern sleep tracker software intended to give today’s customers a better night’s sleep, Sleepzy is all about demonstrating a unique personality with its ads. The company uses hand-drawn graphics and social proof direct from leading brands to stand out. For instance, in this ad, Sleepzy shows its customers how trustworthy it is by letting them know that it’s recommended by Men’s Health.

“Sleepzy is a smart alarm clock that tracks your sleep, wakes you up at the optimal time, analyzes your sleep quality, and notifies you if you have a sleep debt. Sleep better, and wake up feeling great!“

  1. Planes Live

Planes Live is a dedicated software solution that users can access to track where their flights are. You can download the app onto your phone or use it online. The solution includes the latest up-to-date flight information. I love the unique videos created by this company in its Facebook ads, as well as it’s friendly and engaging use of emojis. There are even different versions of the ads used for various social media pages. 

“Planes Live is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you watch the planes online all over the world and get up-to-date information on any flight instantly!”

  1. AliRadar

A company committed to helping companies choose the best products for their drop shipping strategies, AliRadar uses images of real packages sent and received by sellers online to capture attention. The use of emojis makes the ads more relatable, while genuine pictures help to enhance the trustworthiness of the brand. 

“ALIRADAR is a browser extension that helps you to choose products on AliExpress faster and buy them safely.” 

  1. Lumen5

With Lumen5, business leaders and entrepreneurs can create amazing videos for their content marketing strategies. If you’ve ever had a hard time building videos before, this is the tool for you. The company uses more copy in its ads than most of the brands we’ve looked at so far. However, Lume5 also focuses on making the benefits of the software as easy to understand as possible. There’s also a video included for those who don’t want to read. 

“Lumen5 is a video creation platform driven by A.I.”

  1. MaintainX

Created to help businesses manage things like work orders and process digitization, MaintainX is great for organizations that need assistance with everything from communication to business management. The great thing about this company’s ads is how relatable they are. For instance, in this ad, the use of a real-life person celebrating in a video grabs the user’s attention. 

“MaintainX is a mobile-first Frontline Record Management (FRM) platform that empowers operational leaders to manage workflows with their frontline team.”

  1. Veeva

B2B software company Veeva helps business leaders to understand how to upgrade their sales strategies and access the best practices in any landscape. Live and on-demand education sessions make it easy to enhance your team. The company uses excellent branding, with consistent colors across all ads – even on different channels. I also love this company’s use of branded hashtags to make its content more shareable on channels like Instagram. 

  1. Elastic

Dedicated to helping specialists to take their skills to the next level, Elastic is an online learning software solution. In its ads, the company showcases the kind of things that customers can learn, with real snippets from live webinars and training sessions. This genuine content really stands out among a stream of highly over-commercialized ads from many companies on Facebook today. 

“As the company behind the open-source projects Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, Elastic believes getting actionable insight from data matters.” 

  1. CompStak

CompStak is a software designed for CRE brokers and appraisers. In the ads from this company, the brand instantly highlights the fact that you can get a free account to begin experimenting with the technology. I love the way that CompStak uses numbers like “1M+ lease and sales” to address how much a modern business can do with the software. 

“Creating transparency in commercial real estate one lease comp at a time.”

  1. Drive Axle

With Drive Axle, businesses can quickly and easily scan in-person paperwork and save it onto the cloud. If you’ve got a lot of hard documents that you need to keep track of in the digital world, this app can help. I like the way that the company demonstrates the kind of experience you can get from the app in a quick and convenient image on its ads. The ads are also highly targeted to ensure they reach the right people. 

“Use the Drive Axle app to get paid faster! Scan and send freight documents using your smartphone. No more faxing or truck stop scanners!” 

  1. My PT Hub

Finally, My PT Hub is one of the world’s leading software solutions for fitness professionals and personal trainers. This software advertises the fact that it’s already loved and used by more than 80,000 trainers in its ads, which is an excellent example of social proof. You can also click on the CTA button in the ad to go straight to the app download page. 

“My PT Hub is an online web application, enabling fitness professionals to manage their clients by creating customisable training and nutrition programmes.” 

Get Inspired

With many Facebook ad libraries now available to explore from leading and growing software companies, there’s never been more inspiration online. What are some of your favorite ads from SaaS companies? Let us know in the comments or get in touch on social media!

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