30 Best Facebook Ads by eCommerce Companies

Many of the best Facebook ads come from eCommerce companies. I’m sure you’ve scrolled through your feed and were blown away by some of the ads you’ve seen.

As Facebook continues to thrive as one of the most valuable environments for eCommerce advertising, companies are constantly fighting for audience attention. That means that every day, we see a new selection of creative and inspiring ads from leading brands. 

The good news? You can learn from the ads that you love. 

One of the best ways to improve your own Facebook advertising strategies is to take inspiration from what you see online. 

To help you upgrade your ad creative, we’ve found some of the best Facebook ads by eCommerce companies available today. 

Here’s your insight into these eye-catching ads and how you can learn from them. 

  1. Snapfish

Snapfish is an eCommerce brand selling customizable items that you can add personal photos to. You can create everything from a deck of cards to a beach towel. 

What makes this company’s ads special is the way the copy connects to the customer. Each ad highlights a shared concept or idea that makes the consumer feel like the brand understands them. The ad copy can get a little long at times, which might put some browsers off (particularly on a smartphone). However, it always has an emotional impact. 

  1. I Want One of Those

Here’s another brand that knows how to connect with its audience. I Want One of Those is a company that sells quirky products to customers all over the years. It’s fun, and playful personality shines through in its use of emojis, and user-generated content. 

Sharing pictures of customers using their favorite products from the company is a great way to highlight just how special these items are. The copy could use a little work just to give it more oomph, though. 

  1. ASOS

Fashion company, ASOS is all about making customers feel special and unique. To boost its chances of converting each client, the company frequently uses retargeting ads and pixels. 

By showing audiences what they’ve seen before on the website, ASOS can increase the likelihood that a customer who previously abandoned their cart will come back and click buy. The quick and straightforward copy is great for mobile shoppers too. 

  1. Dollar Shave Club

Subscription shaving company, Dollar Shave Club, always knocks it out of the park with ads. One of the things we loved most about this company’s Facebook ads is its commitment to using customer reviews in its copy. 

Rather than just telling you how great its products are, Dollar Shave Club relies on its customers to do that for them. The videos that show you how the product works is another excellent way to put customer minds at ease. 

  1. ZooPlus

ZooPlus is an online store where pet owners can find everything they need for their furry friends. The company always delivers excellent ad copy because it understands its user base. Not only do the ads immediately draw attention to the savings available, but they highlight the quality of the products too. 

Notice how ZooPlus always reminds pet parents that they’re getting balanced nutrition, responsibly sourced meat, and human-grade ingredients. 

  1. K9 Sport Sack

A little bit of humor can go a long way in a Facebook ad, particularly if you know your audience. K9 Sport Sack connects with its customers by regularly telling jokes, using puns, and even just sharing fun quotes. 

The use of emojis in the ad copy helps the content to stand out as friendly and engaging. Plus, a video showing the product in action means that the company can put customer minds at ease about the quality they’re getting too. 

  1. Fabletics

Digital athletics clothing company, Fabletics, aren’t afraid to have a little fun with their ads. Statements like “Your Butt will thank you”, and “Making butts look good since 2013” make customers smile. 

The use of emojis in the ad makes Fabletics seem more human and approachable, although the images on their ads can sometimes seem a little soul-less. We do love the combination of colors used in the imagery, however. 

  1. Long Tall Sally

In a world packed full of eCommerce brands, one of the best things you can do to stand out is to have a niche. Long Tall Sally appeals specifically to women on the taller side. Their playful copy and simple images come together to show customers how trustworthy this company is. 

Regular use of emojis and hashtags like #TallHasNoRules also makes consumers feel like they’re part of a community. The company knows that everyone wants to feel accepted. 

  1. ModCloth

In an era where there are tons of options for buying clothing online, how do you make your company stand out? With a little personality, of course. ModCloth has always showcased the character of the brand with fun images, puns, and straight-to-the-point copy. 

We love the imagery that this ad uses. The only thing we’d change is that this brand could definitely benefit from the use of a few emojis. 

  1. SkinnyDip

Consistency is often key when you want to make a brand stand out online. In the eCommerce world, it’s essential to know what makes your brand different and shows it as often as possible. SkinnyDip London achieves this by using the same selection of colors in almost every ad. 

With soft pinks in every ad photo, SkinnyDip constantly reminds customers of their unique aesthetic and the appeal of the brand. The only downside is that some of their videos lack resolution. 

  1. Chubbies

Chubbies is a company that focuses on building relationships with its customers. That means connecting with the community through authentic-looking photos and informal language. The brand uses slang in its ad copy and shortened words like “em” instead of them. 

We’re particularly fond of how this ad highlights the fact that Chubbies listens to its customers with the phrase “You wanted ‘em back, we got ‘em back.”


Sometimes, creating great Facebook ads isn’t just about highlighting the benefits of your products. DAVIDsTEA frequently uses links to blog posts and articles in its ads. This shows customers what they can do with the company’s products in an engaging way. 

Regular links to blog posts and a frequently updated website shows that this brand delivers value in a lot of different ways. 

  1. Brilliant Earth

Most of the time, Brilliant Earth just encourages customers to check out its latest jewelry products with its Facebook ads. However, there are also times when this business really stands out, by highlighting the unique customer service it can offer too. 

For instance, in this ad, Brilliant Earth reminds clients that it can “send a hint” to boyfriends and girlfriends that encourage them to propose. 

  1. YETI

A clear and professional-looking video is the first thing that grabs your attention with this YETI ad. The outdoor accessory company focuses on highlighting product benefits quickly and effectively. There’s no extra copy to get in the way or slow down your purchasing process. 

We also like the fact that YETI includes an offer in the CTA section of its ad, to push customers off the fence and encourage them to buy. 

  1. Barkbox

Barkbox is a great example of how to use different kinds of ads correctly on Facebook. The friendly subscription box for dogs combines plenty of brightly colored and fun pictures into carousel ads to capture audience attention. 

We also love the way the company uses terms like “exclusive” to make their clients feel special. With an offer in the CTA and engaging copy, Barkbox makes it easy for customers to hit the “Get Offer” button. 

  1. Four Sigmatic

There are a lot of things to love about the ads from Four Sigmatic. First, all of their ads seem to share a similar theme depending on the time of year. The company uses a lot of the same colors and styles to remind its customers of who they’re dealing with. 

We also love the use of more playful and informal language in the copy, mixed with plenty of emojis. The text gets straight to the point by showing clients why they should click the “Shop Now” button. 

  1. Simba

Simba’s ads are engaging and eye-catching. The company uses a combination of videos and images to highlight all the benefits of its product. We particularly love the playful copy in the ad, which often includes things like music lyrics and quotes. 

Perhaps the most compelling thing about Simba ads is that they’re always relevant to the current time. For instance, check out this ad posted during a recent heatwave. 

  1. MVMT

A great ad copy is always an important element in any Facebook campaign. However, you also need to be willing to go beyond text to capture customer attention. We love the stunning imagery that goes into every MVMT ad.

This is a company that uses incredible brand photography to make sure that their products always look amazing in any context. 

  1. Edible Blooms

Imagery is usually important in Facebook ads for eCommerce companies. Your pictures are a great way to showcase your latest products. However, it’s easy for ads to become a little repetitive. Edible Blooms shakes things up regularly by connecting its products to relevant events. 

During pride month, the company posted videos, and carousel ads showcasing a colorful selection of products. 

  1. Daniel Wellington

When creating visuals for your Facebook ads, it’s easy to let content get cluttered. Having too many things at once in an image can distract customers. That’s why Daniel Wellington keeps its pictures as simple and straightforward as possible. 

The image is clear, eye-catching and it highlights the major benefit currently offered by the brand. Daniel Wellington also frequently uses videos in its ads too. 

  1. Frank Body

There are a few things that make Frank Body ads on Facebook stand out. First, the products are always a little playful and provocative, which instantly captures audience attention. We also like the way that the copy talks about the product as though it’s a person. 

Carousel ads that allow customers to scroll through multiple products are a great way for the brand to highlight various items at once. 

  1. Glossybox

One of the things we really love about Glossybox is that it always makes sure the benefits of its offer stands out. Sometimes that means writing words like FREE in all caps. Other times, it means adding emojis and other eye-catching elements to the copy. 

The simple image that goes alongside the ads to remind customers what they’re getting is a great extra touch too. 

  1. Endy

Endy is a mattress company that’s fond of using both unique branded images and psychological strategies to make sales. Endy is a master at using the fear of missing out or the “FOMO” concept to encourage its customers to buy fast. 

Most of the sales that the company runs only last for a short amount of time, so the brand encourages clients to take action quickly. 

  1. DockaTot

DockATot takes a unique approach to Facebook ads by using quotes from customers and even memes to sell their products. We love this ad, which features a quote from Twitter that helps the company to connect with its audience. 

Another great thing about DockATot is that they’re not afraid to use different styles of Facebook ads to see what works best for their brand. 

  1. PopSockets

PopSockets is an eCommerce company that knows how to use color to its advantage. Rather than sticking to a single branded shade with every ad image, the company jumps from one color to the next in the rainbow, using different shades as an opportunity to show off products. 

The images and videos in PopSocket ads are always eye-catching. We love how the copy keeps things simple too! 

  1. TOMS

TOMS is one of the better-known eCommerce clothing brands in the world. The company stands out for its commitment to a non-profit mission. One of the things that really makes the TOMS Facebook ads stand out, is how easy it is to see the benefits. 

Rather than writing a paragraph of copy, TOMS places a list of benefits in bullet-point style in each of its ads. This makes it easier for scanners to see the advantages of buying the product. 

  1. Everlane

Everlane pays attention to what’s going on in the world around it. That means that it can publish ads that are more relevant to its target audience. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were spending more time at home, Everlane reminded people that they could still look good on their own.

We love how this ad from Everlane encourages customers to be their own party. 

  1. Bellroy

Bellroy’s ads on Facebook are interesting because they take advantage of the features available on the platform, like swiping and tapping. We also love the fact that the company always highlights the main benefit of its product: making your pockets slimmer. 

With videos that include hand-drawn elements to make the company seem more human, Bellroy ensures that it can capture the attention of its customer on any platform. The only downside is that some videos do take up a lot of the screen. 

  1. Logitech

Technology company, Logitech knows that if it wants to capture customer attention, it needs to speak its’ audience’s language. That’s why you’ll find plenty of hashtags in every ad that the company posts. Aside from hashtags, Logitech also uses regular videos and UGC from fans to stand out too.

The contrast between user-generated content and professional images on the Logitech profile means that customers are less likely to get bored with the ads. 

  1. Razer

Razer is all about packing as much information into its ad copy as possible. We love the fact that the company instantly highlights all of the benefits of it’s leading products, so customers feel compelled to start shopping straight away. 

The only downside is that some of the copy produced by Razer can seem a little longwinded. This can lead to ads being too long for mobile. 

Find Your Ecommerce Ad Inspiration

With billions of people logging on every day, Facebook is one of the best places that you can go to earn your customer’s attention. However, it’s important to remember that there are going to be a lot of other eCommerce companies fighting for their time in the spotlight. 

Use the ads above as inspiration to make sure that your content really stands out on Facebook. 

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