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You must be wondering what exactly am I signing up for? You’d be surprised that we are giving all this value (that takes hours of work from seasoned advertisers) for FREE!

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Advertisers and brands that have been curating ads for their own research know exactly how valuable this is.

You will not only receive hundreds of powerful, compelling, and high-converting ads that will save thousands of dollars in ‘creative testing campaigns’ but also understand the key elements of a million-dollar ad.

Why Trust Ad Angles?

If you’re wondering “who did all this work”, it’s us – Real life, cutthroat, and badass marketers who breathe in ads and ad copy all day long. This library is curated by our full-time advertisers having years of experience in the industry and not just Facebook Ads. Needless to say, these people have millions in show-worthy ad spend (just ask them for the receipts).  

The Alpha wolf of the pack – Charlie Patel, our CEO, and mentor! 

Charlie is a real-life adman. At work, he invents evergreen ad campaigns and when he’s not working, he saves other brands’ ads that catch his eye – be it on his Facebook or Instagram. 

Charlie is also a serial entrepreneur in the technology and marketing industry recently ranked as one of the Top 30 Movers and Shakers of the NYC Startup Scene by He is currently the CEO of 99 Robots, CEO of,, Co-founder and COO / CTO of JuiceTank – NJ’s largest startup incubator and coworking space, Cofounder of Gabfire Themes – a WP theme shop that specializes in digital magazines and newspapers, and is an active leader of the NJ and NYC startup ecosystem. 

He’s the man behind top marketing companies and the brain behind a lot of famous ad campaigns that you might have come across once in your lifetime.