Avatar Builder-Video Software-Lifetime Deal

A great aspect of this advertisement was how the Word of Crowds method was used for writing the copy. This tactic creates a feeling of FOMO in your users and encourages them to purchase. The perfect application of this technique is shown in this example. I really enjoyed the video they created for this ad. […]

BombBomb – Video Widget

What I Like About This Ad Simplicity with images: A great thing about this ad was its simplicity. Complex images with lots of noise and distracting themes detract from your product. Creating simple images that emphasize your product and use a lot of space is essential. Focused value proposition: An important characteristic I liked about […]

Yepic.ai – Lifetime Deal Video Software


What I Like About This Ad: Attention-Grabbing Hook: What made this ad great was the hook and how well it grabbed your attention. This hook ticks off all the boxes of a powerful advertisement. It was very interesting, not overly complex, and very compelling, elements that make a great hook! What I Like To Improve: […]