Dubb – Video Email

What I Like About This Ad Free Samples: Free samples are one of the underrated techniques used in advertising. Even though it might seem like an expensive form of advertising, it can be very effective. You have the customer in your hands, so kudos to ___ for leveraging this tactic. Utilize the impulse buy: One […]

VidYard – Video Email

What I Like About This Ad Faces in images: When trying to craft or pick out the perfect image, something many people don’t take into account is the importance of faces in the image. Doing so gives your image that extra step-up, providing a face for your brand. Be it a famous face or not, […]

BombBomb – Video Widget

What I Like About This Ad Simplicity with images: A great thing about this ad was its simplicity. Complex images with lots of noise and distracting themes detract from your product. Creating simple images that emphasize your product and use a lot of space is essential. Focused value proposition: An important characteristic I liked about […]

Adilo – SaaS – Video hosting


What I Like About This Ad: Product previews: This is a great ad because it clearly shows what the product is. Showing off a preview of your product can be an excellent way to help potential customers visualize exactly what your product is and how it works. This company did a fantastic job in using […]