Gather – Web Conferencing Software


The ad shows what the product is, which is a great selling point. Providing a preview of your product is an excellent way of helping prospective customers understand and visualize what your product is. Their use of product previews was excellent! One of the most effective methods of gaining more customers is to appeal to […]

Synthesys Studio – Humatar Video Creation Software


I liked this ad because of the value it’s providing for its customers. One of the best ways to attract your target audience is by making your products affordable. It lets your customers know that your brand cares enough to provide pocket-friendly packages. The ad was very effective and had a great headline with a […]

AvatarBuilder – Video Animation Software


What I liked the most about this ad is the information that is provided in it. If you’re offering a service or product, video creatives that offer information about your products or services help your customers to trust you and make up their minds quickly to choose your brand. The early bird access limited time […]