Brad Lea – Secret Training Helping Course Creators

In the ad copy, I think Brad Lea leveraged brand values really well. I consider this to be an extremely effective way of communicating a brand’s values and beliefs, which subsequently builds brand loyalty and trust. Overall, I was very pleased with this ad copy and found it to be very effective! An impulse buy […]

Tai Lopez – Engagement

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: Starting off an ad copy with bad news is undoubtedly an effective way of grabbing attention. Who wouldn’t pay attention to any news coming from the guru of millions, Tai himself? The news of missing out on a huge opportunity featuring Tai makes the heart skip a […]

Dan Lok – The 5 Ways To Escape The Rat Race Forever

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: The ad text is surely thought provoking and gives readers a fresh perspective on their work life. It instills the idea of ‘starting your own business’ and puts forward it’s case with strong arguments throughout the ad text. The 5 tips mentioned in the ad are actually […]

Lisa Nichols – Free training

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: Another great ad that follows the rules… the hook, the problem/struggle, and the solution. Lisa uses a question and struggle to hook you in and relate to a huge problem many face. This connects with the reader and draws them in to read further. She then goes […]