Engage Marketing-TikTok for Dentists

One of the great things I saw within this ad was how they utilized the “Wisdom of Crowds” technique when writing the ad copy. Using this tactic creates a sense of FOMO for users and encourages them to buy. This is a great example of this technique being perfectly executed. I was impressed with the […]

WKND Digital-TikTok Growth Agency

Something that stood out to me was how great of a job this advertisement did in presenting its business credentials in its video ad. Not only did it make the company seem more professional, but it also helped build trust with the audience. Kudos to WKND Digital for doing a great job in presenting them […]

Maxwell Finn-TikTok Insiders 7 Days Access $1

One of the main positive aspects of this ad is how he informs, updates, and prompts the audience to buy his TikTok Insiders by educating them. Another great aspect of this advertisement was how the Word of Crowds method was used for writing the copy. This tactic creates a feeling of FOMO in your users […]

Chase Chappell-TikTok Ads Mastery Course-FOMO

The early access limited time offer technique is my favorite part of this ad. The best method to convert customers into a special offer is to offer your customers early discounts, free shipping, or some other deal that makes them feel like they’re getting the most for their money. I like how he clearly summarizes […]

Monster Agency-TikTok Agency

What I Like About This Ad: Focused Value Proposition: Positive aspects of this ad include the focused value proposition. You only have a few seconds to convince someone to click with your ad copy if you have an engaging creative. Because of this, your value proposition needs to be extremely clear and to the point. […]