Atlassian-Product Feature-Carousel Ad

Something I liked about this ad was how it was in a carousel format. Using this format is great because you can show off multiple versions of your products. It is also great for the consumer, having multiple options laid out for them. Another great aspect of this advertisement was how the Word of Crowds […]

Deel – Payroll Platform for Remote Teams


My favorite aspect of this ad was the simplicity of the image itself. Themes or images that are too complicated steal attention away from your product. A simple image with a lot of space and focus on your product will draw attention. Using a bold color scheme can be a very dangerous game, if done […]

Deel – Payroll Platform for Remote Teams

A great thing about this ad was its simplicity. Complex images with lots of noise and distracting themes detract from your product. Creating simple images that emphasize your product and use a lot of space is essential. The color scheme and simplicity of this ad were highlights for me. A real eye-catching visual, with the […]