Attentive – SaaS – SMS Marketing Platform

What I Like About This Ad: Focused value proposition: Positive aspects of this ad include the focused value proposition. You only have a few seconds to convince someone to click with your ad copy if you have an engaging creative. Because of this, your value proposition needs to be extremely clear and to the point. […]

Attentive – SaaS – Lead Magnet

What I Like About This Ad: Leverage brand values: I think that Attentive did a really good job of leveraging brand values in the ad copy. I think this can be a super-effective way to convey a brand’s personal views and values, which will, in turn, build brand trust and loyalty among customers. All in […]

Plivo – SMS Messaging

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: The ad copy is very direct in its approach and starts off with a question to the audience that puts them in a state of consideration and puts the brand forward as something that the viewer would remember even if they do not decide to give them […]