Cometly-Ad Tracking-Shopify

What I Like About This Ad Focused Value Proposition: An important characteristic I liked about this ad was the focused value proposition. An appealing ad creative will attract attention; it only takes a few seconds to entice someone to click when you have a catchy ad copy. That is why you want to be extremely […]

Shopify – Sell Custom Products

What I Like About This Ad Shopify is a huge name in the SaaS products world and it’s ads reflect why it has reached that position. We like this ad due to its angle of being an advisor to a potential client and the informal approach within the ad creative.  Ad Copy Text:  The Ad […]

Adroll – E-commerce -Marketing Platform

What I Like About This Ad We like this ad because it let’s the creative do the talking rather than the ad copy. It’s simple yet effective in conveying its message across it’s viewer. Ad Copy Text: The ad copy text is very simple and only focuses on specifically targeting the people who want to grow […]