Datadog-Cloud Security-Testimonials

There is nothing that convinces a prospective buyer to make a purchase more than a trustworthy testimonial. This testimonial does a great job demonstrating the values of this product, while also conveying feelings of trust to the audience. All in all, this testimonial was very effective and checks off all the boxes. Additionally, this advertisement […]

SaltStack – Internet Security

What I Like About This Ad  Ad Copy Text: The ad copy text is very simple and only focuses on specifically targeting the people who want to grow their ‘Shopify’ sales. This pinpoints what type of customer they are looking for and in other words, lets the irrelevant viewers know that this ad is not […]

SaltStack – Standardized Policy Enforcement

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: The ad copy communicates very effectively the value and the benefits of having SaltStack in your tech stack because the ad copy is broken down into 3 distinct parts. The first is a dream statement. It’s a possible view of the future or the desired outcome for […]