Datadog-Cloud Security-Testimonials

There is nothing that convinces a prospective buyer to make a purchase more than a trustworthy testimonial. This testimonial does a great job demonstrating the values of this product, while also conveying feelings of trust to the audience. All in all, this testimonial was very effective and checks off all the boxes. Additionally, this advertisement […]

Atlassian-Product Feature-Carousel Ad

Something I liked about this ad was how it was in a carousel format. Using this format is great because you can show off multiple versions of your products. It is also great for the consumer, having multiple options laid out for them. Another great aspect of this advertisement was how the Word of Crowds […]

Klaviyo-SaaS-Email Provider

What I Like About this Ad: Focused Value Proposition: Positive aspects of this ad include the focused value proposition. You only have a few seconds to convince someone to click with your ad copy if you have an engaging creative. Because of this, your value proposition needs to be extremely clear and to the point. […]

BlueSnap – Easy Online Payments

What I Like About This Ad: Ad Creative: Though it’s simple, I still think BlueSnap did a great job with the creative for this ad. The image gives a bird’s eye view of what most people (especially in the SaaS community) would see when they are working. It gives off feelings of empathy and credibility […]