Rod Khleif – Beginners Guide to Multifamily Real Estate

Positive aspects of this ad include the focused value proposition. You only have a few seconds to convince someone to click with your ad copy if you have an engaging creative. Because of this, your value proposition needs to be extremely clear and to the point. Free books are one of the techniques used in […]

Tom Ferry – 33 Listing Appointment Generating Strategies

I especially liked the color scheme in this ad, and I also liked how simple it was. The light colors they used, create a visual that is truly eye-catching. This color scheme is relaxing, and there is no way it could go wrong! One of the tactics in advertising is the idea of providing free […]

Styldod-Real Estate Virtual Photo Editing-Free Trial

I liked how well they presented their business credentials. The company sounded more professional, and it built trust with the audience as well. While many companies have similar credentials, the company presented them in a unique but professional manner. Moreover, something great about this ad was the headline and how effective it was. First of […]

Connected Investors-Lead Magnet

What I Like About This Ad: Attention-Grabbing Hook: One thing that was great about this ad was the hook and how well it grabbed your attention. Arguably one of the most important parts of an ad, this hook checks off all the boxes. This hook was attention-grabbing, not too complex, and very compelling, all of […]

Tom Ferry – Free Virtual Consultation

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy Text: The ad text is trying to narrow down the target audience by mentioning the world ‘Real Estate’.  The text starts with a loud, important statement Your ‘Best Self’ Starts Here’ and we are all ears to what the ad and has to suggest next…  Without going […]