GitScrum – Project Management Tool & CRM


One thing that I liked about this ad was how well GitScrum knows their target audience. They did a great job in utilizing their customer’s pain points to better advertise their product. Knowing these pain points can take some research, but once you have them, your ad copy will level up. In the context of […]

Mavenlink – Award-Winning -Project

What I Like About This Ad  Ad Copy Text: The most important thing about any brilliant ad copy is to convey a more impactful message to any reader with as few words as possible. And I personally think that Mavenlink does that beautifully here in their ad. Just by saying, “the Most Popular Project Management […]

Avaza – #1 Rated – Project Management

What I Like About This Ad  Ad  Video: What I really liked about this ad was how well the ad creative was done. For the case of this ad, Avaza chose to go with well-animated video by showing how to there service can make life easier. It is clear that the video quality is high […]