Penji-Graphic Design Service

A great aspect of this advertisement is the video they created. When you run video ads on Facebook, you increase your exposure to areas on the social network where there is a lot of engagement. Also, it was not too complicated graphically, which is great! Another thing that was great about this ad was the […]

Design Pickle – SaaS – Black Friday Sale

What I Like About This Ad: Attention-Grabbing Hook: What made this ad so great was its hook and how well it grasped your attention. An ad’s hook is one of its most important parts, and this one hits the right note. This hook was attention-grabbing, not too complex, and very compelling, all of which contribute […]

Unbounce – Design Tools

What I Like About This Ad Ad Image: What really stood out to me in this ad was the ad creativity. For starters, I really liked the simple color scheme Unbounce went with. It’s not overwhelming in any way, making it very pleasing on the eye for Facebook users. The creative also gives a little […]