AAC – The Truth: Online Business

A great aspect of this advertisement is the video they created. When you run video ads on Facebook, you increase your exposure to areas on the social network where there is a lot of engagement. Also, it was not too complicated graphically, which is great! In a sea of ads and content, it is easy […]

AAC – The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

A great advertisement, since it clearly states what product it is. By showing a preview of your product, you can aid potential customers in visualizing what and how your product works. The company used product previews brilliantly! The color scheme and simplicity of this ad were highlights for me. A real eye-catching visual, with the […]

The Clikk – Newsletter – Digital Marketing

What I Like About This Ad Utilize strong and recognizable trust signals: In this ad, I was positively surprised by how well The Clikk included some very clear and recognizable trust signals. Having done so, their entire advertisement sounded much more trustworthy and credible. I congratulate The Clikk for using this underrated strategy to our […]