Moxie Copywriting-Monthly Plan

I like how they clearly summarize the benefits that customers will receive by availing of their services. That is why stating your value proposition is important as it will convince why a customer would choose your product or service. One thing I found great about this ad was the GIFs they created for it. By […]

Agency Stack – Digital Marketing Service

One thing I found great about this ad was the video they created for it. By running video ads on Facebook, you increase your exposure to areas of the social network that generate significant engagement. The graphics were great and not overly complicated too which is always a plus! I especially liked the color scheme […]

Agency Stack – White Label Marketing

What I liked the most about this ad is the information that is provided in it. If you’re a service provider, video creatives that offer information about your services help your customers to trust you and make up their minds quickly to choose your services. The color scheme and simplicity of this ad were highlights […]

Ad Zombies-Engaging Video

Something I really liked about this ad was how engaging the content actually was. You don’t need to take my word for it, check out all the likes and comments the ad has! Content like this is hard to perfect, meaning it is hard to come by, kudos to Ad Zombies for the great work. […]

Moxie Copywriting – Service

What I Like About This Ad: Brand congruence: One of the main things I found positive about this ad was the brand congruence. With the brand colors, fonts, logo, messaging, and tone of voice all identical, this company does a great job of staying consistent. A consistent brand experience across all mediums makes your brand […]

Sam Ovens – Entrepreneur


What I Like About This Ad We like this ad because we understand that anyone who sees it on their newsfeed would definitely wait and see this ad. That is because it shows a game most people on Facebook will have a great memory of. Secondly, the ad copy is very well written. Ad Copy […]