ProWriter-Copywriting-Content Bible

This ad impressed me with how well they know their market. The company was good at utilizing customer pain points to help them advertise their product. It takes some research to identify these pain points, but I love how ProWriter utilized the customer pain points in their ad copy. One of the main things I […]

Content Mavericks – Video Testimonials

What I Like About This Ad: Business Credentials: My favorite thing about this advertisement is how well they presented their business credentials. The company sounded more professional, and it built trust with the audience as well. While many companies have similar credentials, the company presented them in a unique but professional manner. Strong Testimonial: There […]

OutboundEngine – Automated Marketing

What I Like About This Ad: Ad Creative: There is alot about this creative that I am a fan of. For starters, the image is very well done and looks clean and crisp. The image was almost definitely done professionally. I also really enjoyed the bold color scheme of purple and white. OutboundEngine’s creative color […]