Ecom World Conference – Selling On Amazon: Growth

An important characteristic I liked about this ad was the focused value proposition. An appealing ad creative will attract attention; it only takes a few seconds to entice someone to click when you have a catchy ad copy. That is why you want to be extremely clear and concise when outlining your value proposition. The […]

Ecom World Conference – Level Up With 30,000+ Attendees

One thing that stood out to me was the video creatives used for this ad. I thought it was wildly creative and fit the overall tone of the ad very well. Some advertisers forget the importance of having an imaginative and fun ad creative. In the ad copy, I think Ecom World Conference leveraged brand […]

Web Summit – Conference – Price Increase

What I Like About This Ad: Attention-Grabbing Hook: What made this ad so great was its hook and how well it grasped your attention. An ad’s hook is one of its most important parts, and this one hits the right note. This hook was attention-grabbing, not too complex, and very compelling, all of which contribute […]