Tony Grebmeier – Entrepreneur


What I like About This Ad Body Copy: For me, this ad copy was pretty good. It seems that the goal of this ad was to increase engagement and I think that it really worked. The copy helps strengthen and convey Tony’s authority in the field to his audience, while still pushing a theme of […]

Ray Higdon – Coaching


What I Like About This Ad We like this ad because both the ad copy and image remain on-point till the end of the customer’s ad journey. Furthermore, the ad creative’s uniqueness is also something that caught our attention. Ad Copy Text: The ad copy begins with creating intrigue regarding the ads target audience. Most of […]

Puja Puneet – Author


What I like About This Ad Body Copy: I like this retargeting ad as it engages with the audience. It provides a good message and helps establish her authority in the space. These types of ads that give advice without having a CTA (buying something, providing your info, etc.) help build long term trust with […]

Patrick Bet-David – Entrepreneur


What I like About This Ad The Body Text: Personally, I don’t think body text can really get much better than this. Not only is it formatted perfectly in terms of readability, but it also is very motivational. The text is straight to the point and lets the reader know that they mean business. I […]

Mortgage Marketing Coach – Breakthrough Call

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: The ad copy typically starts off by asking a rhetorical question seizing the reader’s attention which is directly followed by narrating a relatable story for those anxiously waiting to finalize and closing deals with potential clients in the world of real estate. The story makes it very […]