The Body Coach – Public Figure


What I like About This Ad Body Copy: What I liked so much about this ad was that it was straightforward and tells you exactly what to do. Everyone is always trying to get fitter, happier, healthier, etc. and the ad copy touches on that. It grabs the reader’s attention with a universal want. I […]

Russ Ruffino – Start Attracting Clients the Better Way

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: ‘Super relevant, focused on the right pain points and perfectly executed’ is how we would define this brilliant ad copy. It starts off with addressing the #1 problem online coaches and consultants face i.e. attracting and closing more clients! This is important and impressive as it hits […]

Peng Joon – Public Figure


What I Like About This Ad We have covered ‘Peng Joon’ in this document extensively so we know the guy has a knack for producing spectacular ads and copies. This ad is another example of how he blends the two together in a way that would make sure that the audience stays connected to his […]

Lisa Nichols – Author


What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy: Ad copy that once again follows the rules. Start with a hook to pull the reader in and relate. Her hook asks a question and follows with a struggle many are facing. She then follows with a “there is a way to overcome” message and presents a […]

Jasmine Star – Public Figure


What I Like About This Ad Jasmine Star is a well known social media coach. Her ads and copies reflect that pretty well. We like this ad because it’s shot in a natural and upbeat environment where the advertiser is directly engaging the audience. Ad Copy Text: The ad angle seems to be targeting people […]