Brad Lea – Secret Training Helping Course Creators

In the ad copy, I think Brad Lea leveraged brand values really well. I consider this to be an extremely effective way of communicating a brand’s values and beliefs, which subsequently builds brand loyalty and trust. Overall, I was very pleased with this ad copy and found it to be very effective! An impulse buy […]

Sandi Krakowski – Launch Any Business Online For Under $100

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy Text: Statements like “my gift to you” builds a personal relationship with the audience. The ad copy tries to create a solid connection between the audience and the advertiser. This usually works much better than a straight-up sales pitch because it can lead to a more impulsive […]

Leonie Dawson – 6 Money Mistakes Creatives Make

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy Text: A simple and subtle text which talks about someone’s life experiences works with a particular set of the audience if you are targeting a very down to earth audience.   Ad image: The ad image is the highlight of this Ad copy. The vibrant colors and a […]

Hubspot – Podcast

What I Like About This Ad Podcasts are the next big thing when it comes to marketing. More and more brands are taking an interest in them and that’s why we share Hubspot’s ad for marketing their podcast.  Ad Text:The Ad copy is fairly simple and direct, which means that the main focus of the […]