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What I Like About This Ad: Product previews: This is a great ad because it clearly shows what the product is. Showing off a preview of your product can be an excellent way to help potential customers visualize exactly what your product is and how it works. This company did a fantastic job in using […]

Jim Kwik – The Manual On How To Level Up Your Brain

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy Text: The ad text is spot on as it leaves a curious remark by stating ’Don’t believe you can be limitless?’. The text builds engagement for the book by giving many complimentary offers of a free 10 days program and access to a 4-week “Limitless Book Club”. […]

Dave Ramsey – Know Yourself Know Your Money

What I Like About This Ad Ad Copy Text: The ad copy text is very simple and uses an influential approach of giving a review of the product and recommending the product with personal experience which works well if re-targeting people of the existing network. Headline & Sub Headline: The headline works well to guide […]