Ecom World Conference – Selling On Amazon: Growth

An important characteristic I liked about this ad was the focused value proposition. An appealing ad creative will attract attention; it only takes a few seconds to entice someone to click when you have a catchy ad copy. That is why you want to be extremely clear and concise when outlining your value proposition. The […]

Next Level Services-Amazon Consulting Agency

One of the most effective methods of gaining more customers is to appeal to their hopes and ambitions. Next Level Services does so perfectly, laying out exactly what their target audience is looking for. Kudos for really getting their message out there through some great ad copy. This ad used trust signals in the ad […]

Profit Whales-Annual Amazon Report-Download

Impressed with how Profit Whales used lead magnet effectively in their ads. This is surely a clever way of enticing strangers to hand over their email addresses in exchange for something. The ad effectively shows your potential leads what you can offer them. My favorite part of this advertisement is the creativity. It was incredibly […]