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99% of advertisers are targeting the exact same interest based audiences. And they’re paying the price.

…I was one of them :joy:

Until is discovered something crazy.

There are MANY more targetable interests than just the small list that is suggested in the ads manager.

Hidden from most advertisers…

In the so-called “Marketing API”.

These hidden interests are more targeted. And have less competition.

When I first AB tested these hidden interests, the ROAS of my cold-traffic campaign skyrocketed to 319% :rocket:

After that, it only increased further.

All of these years I thought I knew what I was doing.

But I was struggling, because I did it all wrong.

Here’s the issue…

Most of the advertisers don’t really understand HOW interest targeting should be used + they’re all targeting the same saturated keywords and paying a high price for it.

But let’s be clear, that’s not our fault.

They want us to target BROAD audiences.

They want us all to target the exact same interests.

More reach + more competition = more ad revenue…:money_with_wings:

…there’s also good news.

I’ve created a PDF that shows you exactly what I discovered. It contains the exact steps to reveal hidden interests related to any niche or product.

It explains how to “call” the API in a browser window, without the need for any developer skills.

Anyone can do this.

Simply follow the screenshot steps in the PDF.

By having access to data most others can’t find, you’ll avoid most competition and enjoy an unfair advantage.

You’ll reach better audiences, pay less and get a better return-on-ad-spend.

Want to try it for yourself?:point_down:

Free PDF

Here’s what some people said about it:

“I divided my lead costs by 3 in just the first few hours. I’m doing ads for 2 years now and I got the lowest cost I ever seen :)”

“I cloned one optimised campaign, updated the target audience with these new interests and it’s running now at 20% lower CPLs”

So yes, this works.

First I thought of selling this information as a premium product, because no one is sharing it so I could easily charge a high price for it.

Maybe later… for now (or at least while the link below works) it’s free.

Grab the PDF here :point_down:

Free PDF

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