Jeremy Haynes

Over the last 5 years of working with personal brands, I’ve noticed some major patterns.

These patterns are true for the big personal brands, and the smaller less known ones that are just getting started.

The first major pattern is struggling with compliance and getting all of your ads approved.

We all know the ad channels can be tough to figure out, and they are constantly changing.

Unfortunately for most personal brands, they don’t keep up and that results in a lot of disapprovals, and in worst case scenarios it results in ad accounts being disabled.

The second major pattern is they lack closing strategies to get more high ticket deals closed.

Closers become conditioned to only call on the scheduled leads in their calendars, and they rarely follow up.

Most personal brands are running a 2 step application funnel where someone applies, and then schedules.

We found that a majority of the people we work with and hop on sales call with, don’t reach out to the 30-50% who apply, but never scheduled.

There’s also usually weak marketing automation systems in place to get the unconverted leads to reschedule to speak to closers again, resulting in a lot of money being left on the table.

The third major pattern we found is that personal brands aren’t executing on funnel strategies that are working TODAY.

Most are running outdated funnels that they hear are working, instead of executing on current funnels that the bigger personal brands they look up to are using to get results.

Lastly, the fourth major pattern is personal brands running webinars, instead of the better converting mini webinars that they are unaware of.

Because these patterns were so common amongst personal brands, I’ve put together an offer that will help you in these 4 major areas so you can get more results and scale faster.

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