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You’ve heard this before…

“Keep your copy brief, people don’t read long-form copy…”

That’s the mindset of an amateur copywriter.

>>> Why?

Because copywriting is “salesmanship-in-print”…

The only people who click on your ads are the people who are most interested in your offer…

And people will read any amount of sales copy on a topic they’re interested in.

>>> Claude Hopkins asked these questions:

“Would you tell your salesman to keep it “brief”, with a prospect standing before him?”

“Would you confine him to any certain number of words, for the sake of brevity?”

Of course not – that would be an UNTHINKABLE HANDICAP.

>>> All 7 members of the original “Copywriter’s Collective” knew this to be true.

That’s why David Ogilvy’s famous quote has withstood the test of time:

“Only amateurs use short copy.”

All 58 of David Ogilvy’s most profitable ads showcase this philosophy…

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This includes 312 examples of the highest-converting ads ever assembled… by 7 of the greatest Ad Men & Copywriters of all-time.

Copy Legends – 312 ad examples from 7 greatest copywriters

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